This is a tribute to Spirit Airlines relentless pursuit of profit at customers expense.

Open Letter to the CEO

Dear Mr. Baldanza,

We understand that you're not running a charity and everyone gets what he/she paid for. We're ok with that. We don't expect luxury for the price you offer. We gave up on leg room, timely departures, snacks and beverages, blankets and pillows, in-flight entertainment, onboard amendments, etc, etc... In fact, we gave up everything! Everything in exchange for an affordable ticket to our destination.

However, we HAVE NOT gave up our customer rights!

Just because people can't pay you much doesn't mean they can be treated cheaply. Regardless of the price, we still can expect two things: customer service and protection from deceptive and extortionist practices.

Your company lacks both. Your customer service is built on the presumption that cash-strapped people will come to you anyway. So why bother with their opinion if you can hold them hostage to the price? And your company's creativeness in imposing fees on basic necessities balances on the verge of a rip-off scheme.

Luring someone with a promise of a deal, then overcharging them under various pretences and ignoring their complaints looks like a classic rip-off. No matter the rationale you put behind it.

That's why we respectfully ask you to reconsider your approach and bring the company's policy in line with customers' expectations. Otherwise, we'll have no choice but to avoid using Spirit Airlines and advise others to follow our example.

Spirit Airlines customers

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Save yourself the time. Throw your money in the toilet and punch yourself in the junk. Because this airlines is junk. A fee for everything and ALWAYS LATE! I will gladly never fly this company again. Dont get lured in by the low rate. You will pay the same or more than a reputable airline and get nothing for it
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Excessive flight delays (over 6 hours), poor unfriendly staff, lots of hidden charges for baggage, seat selection, etc. Lack of alternative arrangements when flights are delayed. I would never recommend such a flight to any of my friends or family members. Do not ruin your travel/vacation by selecting this airline.
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Beware flying this airline! They charge you $50 for a carry on bag!!! And if you think you can sneak it on, think again! Your ticket states "no carry on" and the place a gate agent at scurity to check and stop you!! A fare to chicago roundtrip of $350 became $450. Could have flown others for less!!! Stop these scam artist!
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Spirit is a low class airline and to be avoided at all costs. Use a full service airline and not a group of micky mouse amateurs. They are bad news !!!!!!!!!!!!
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